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The Brandenburg gazetteer is the umbrella directory of all gazetteers of the Brandenburg Genealogical Society "Roter Adler" e.V. It is an open project in which not only members of the society but also all other interested people can participate and support the development of this unique project. In this directory you will not only find general information about the respective place but also information about the churches, cemeteries, memorials, castles, castles, museums. The whole thing is then supplemented with information on existing sources and, where applicable, links to the data already recorded and contained therein.

Please note that only information from the databases in which entries could be found for this place (for the name or the GOV-ID) is displayed. In all databases from which no information is displayed for this location, no records could be found. In this case, it is possible that the information sought has not yet been recorded in our databases or that there are no objects of the type not listed below in this location.

At present, this directory contains information on 15707 places.

 Friedhofsverzeichmis mit OSM-Karte


Name of the place:Adamsschänke
Type of the place:Wohnplatz
County or city district:Spree-Neiße
Postal code:03130
Latitude:51.5992 °N
Longitude:14.5908 °O

In the gazetteer 1888 the following entry could be found:
Manor districtWolfshain
Place of residenceAdamsschänke
Country-/city districtSpremberg
Administrative districtFrankfurt/Oder
Registry officeWolfshain
Official districtWolfshain
Protestant parishDubraucke
Catholic parishSpremberg

In the genealogical gazetteer of the
Verein für Computergenealogie e.V the following additional information was found:
General information:
Latitude and Longitude:14.5908 °O
51.5992 °N
Height over NN

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