Brandenburg Gazetteer

The Brandenburg gazetteer is the umbrella directory of all gazetteers of the Brandenburg Genealogical Society "Roter Adler" e.V. It is an open project in which not only society members but also all other interested parties can participate and support the development of this unique project. All current places in the federal state of Brandenburg as well as all former places of historical Brandenburg from Altmark to Neumark are to be included. This directory contains not only general information on the respective place but also information on the churches, cemeteries, memorials, castles, palaces and mills to be found there. The whole thing is then supplemented with information on existing sources and, where applicable, links to the data already recorded and contained therein.

How can I participate?

Of course, not all places in historic Brandenburg have been recorded here yet with all available information. However, we are working on further recording and would be pleased to hear from anyone who can help us. You can send us information on locations and sources by e-nail. We will reply as soon as possible and integrate the data into our database.

If you also have documents or even other tables in your collection that are not subject to copyright/publishing rights, we would be pleased if you could make them available to us in order to expand our offer.

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A great deal of information is compiled from various databases, especially for larger places. This can lead to longer loading times of the page.

At present, this directory contains information on 15707 places.


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 PlaceCounty or city districtType
Alt BertkowOsterburgGutsbezirk
Alt BlessinKönigsberg / Nm.Amt(Verwaltung)
Alt BlessinKönigsberg / Nm.Gutsbezirk
Alt Blessiner LooseWohnplatz
Alt BleyenKönigsberg / Nm.Gutsbezirk
Alt BrieselangHavellandWohnplatz
Alt BrieselangHavellandWohnplatz
Alt DaberOstprignitz-RuppinWohnplatz
Alt DiedersdorfLandsberg / WartheAmt(Verwaltung)
Alt DombrowoBomstGutsbezirk
Alt DombrowoBomstOrt
Alt EldenburgPrignitzWohnplatz
Alt ForstOrtsteil
Alt GörtzigBirnbaumGutsbezirk
Alt GassenSorauGutsbezirk
Alt GassenSorauAmt(Verwaltung)
Alt GlietzenMärkisch-OderlandOrtsteil
Alt GolmOder-SpreeOrtsteil
Alt GrimnitzBarnimWohnplatz
Alt HöfchenBirnbaumAmt(Verwaltung)
Alt HöfchenSchwerin / WartheGutsbezirk
Alt HöfchenForsthaus
Alt HaferwieseFriedeberg / Nm.Amt(Verwaltung)
Alt HaulandBomstAmt(Verwaltung)
Alt HerzbergElbe-ElsterWohnplatz
Alt JablonkeMeseritz / Nm.Landgemeinde
Alt KäbelichAmt(Verwaltung)
Alt KameniceOrt
Alt Karber Berge, Antheil VorbruchWohnplatz
Alt KlückenArnswaldeGutsbezirk
Alt KoppenbrückOstprignitz-RuppinOrt
Alt KrüssowAmt(Verwaltung)
Alt KrüssowPrignitzOrtsteil
Alt KramzigBomstGutsbezirk
Alt LangerwischWohnplatz
Alt LangerwischPotsdam-MittelmarkWohnplatz
Alt LaskonOrt
Alt LatzigLandgemeinde
Alt LietzegörickeKönigsberg / Nm.Amt(Verwaltung)
Alt Lietzegöricke, OberförstereiKönigsberg / Nm.Gutsbezirk
Alt LobitzOrt
Alt LonkieBomstOrt
Alt LutterowOstprignitz-RuppinGemeindeteil
Alt MadlitzAmt(Verwaltung)
Alt MadlitzOder-SpreeOrtsteil