Directory of memorials to war dead and war gravesites

Who can join in?

The Brandenburg register of memorials to fallen soldiers and war gravesitess is an open project of the Brandenburg Genealogical Society "Roter Adler" e.V. Not only members of the society but also all other interested persons can participate. In this project, which is affiliated to the cemeteries as well as to the villages, monuments for fallen soldiers as well as war gravesites and the data to be found on them are to be recorded. It does not matter whether they are located in a cemetery or any other place in the village.

Who can see the collected data?

Each sender of data can decide for themselves whether the transcripts are to be displayed completely publicly or only as an index of names.

How can I participate?

Of course, not all of the war memorials and war graves in historic Brandenburg and information on the fallen commemorated or buried there have been recorded here, and some prisoner memorials have only been recorded with their "raw data". However, we are working on further recording and would be pleased to hear from anyone who would support us in this.

Would you like to participate? Then proceed as follows:

  1. Check our directory to see in which places monuments to fallen soldiers or war grave sites have already been recorded, or for which monuments or war grave sites the details of the fallen soldiers have already been recorded, in order to avoid possible duplication of work.

  2. Visit the place of your choice and take photos of any fallen memorial or war grave site that may exist there.

  3. Download the sample table for the recording of fallen soldiers and fill in the details of the fallen soldiers you have photographed.

  4. You can then send us photos of the memorials or gravestones of a war gravesite as well as the recorded data by e-mail (a larger number of pictures can also be sent via a link to a cloud or another uploader). We will then reply to you as soon as possible, integrate the submitted data into our database and take over the backup of your photos as proof of the recorded data. For this purpose, we only claim a simple right of use over the images, while the copyright naturally remains with the respective photographer(s).

Helpful links for photographers and authors::

Currently this directory contains information on 1154 war memorials and war gravesites.


    Entry 1 to 43 of 43 entries    
 PlaceBelongs to cemeteryNr. of Fallen
Ahrensdorf (bei Beeskow) Denkmal WK 1 --- 9
Ahrensdorf (Nuthe-Urstromtal) Denkmal WK 1 --- 1
Ahrensdorf (OT von Ludwigsfelde) Tafel 1813-1815Ahrensdorf Friedhof12
Ahrensdorf (OT von Ludwigsfelde) Tafel und Denkmal WK 1Ahrensdorf Friedhof18
Ahrensdorf (OT von Ludwigsfelde) Tafel WK 2Ahrensdorf Friedhof21
Ahrensfelde (bei Berlin) Denkmal WK 1Ahrensfelde Kirchhof22
Ahrensfelde (bei Berlin), Kirchhof Familiengräber WK 1 und 2Ahrensfelde Kirchhof6
Ahrensfelde (bei Berlin), Ostkirchhof Gedenkanlage WK 2Ahrensfelde Ostkirchhof68
Allmosen Friedhof Denkmal WK 1 und 2Allmosen Friedhof29
Alt Bensdorf Denkmal WK 1 --- 24
Alt Bork (OT von Linthe) Denkmal WK 1 und WK 2 --- 27
Alt Golm (OT von Rietz-Neuendorf) Friedhof WK 2Alt Golm Friedhof2
Alt Langerwisch Denkmal WK 1 --- 17
Alt Langerwisch Friedhof WK 2Alt Langerwisch Neuer Friedhof1
Alt Madlitz Denkmal WK 1 und 2 --- 10
Alt Rüdersdorf-Hortwinkel (OT von Rüdersdorf) Denkmal WK 1 --- 92
Alt Reetz (WK 2) --- 5
Alt Stahnsdorf Denkmal WK 1 mit Platte WK 2 --- 22
Alt Zeschdorf Denkmal WK 1Alt Zeschdorf Friedhof7
Alt Zeschdorf Friedhof WK 2Alt Zeschdorf Friedhof29
Alt-Hartmannsdorf Denkmal WK 1 und WK 2 --- 26
Alt-Hartmannsdorf Friedhof WK 2Hartmannsdorf Neuer Friedhof5
Alt-Hartmannsdorf Gedenkstein WK 2 --- 0
Altenau (WK 2) --- 2
Altes Lager Friedhof Anlage WK 2Altes Lager Friedhof62
Altfriesack Friedhof WK 2Altfriesack Friedhof9
Altgarz (Ortsteil von Großderschau) Denkmal 1. WeltkriegAltgarz Friedhof10
Altgarz (Ortsteil von Großderschau) Gefallene 2. Weltkrieg auf Gedenktafeln in Großderschau --- 11
Althüttendorf Denkmal WK 1 und WK 2 --- 60
Althüttendorf Friedhof WK 2Althüttendorf Friedhof0
Altlandsberg Denkmal 1870/1871 --- 43
Altlandsberg Friedhof WK 1 und WK 2Altlandsberg Friedhof47
Altlandsberg Tafel 1813-15 --- 4
Altona (OT von Markgrafpieske) Friedhof WK 1 und WK 2Altona Friedhof3
Altranft (OT von Bad Freienwalde) Gedenktafel 1. Weltkrieg --- 28
Altranft (OT von Bad Freienwalde) Gedenktafel 2. Weltkrieg --- 81
Altranft (OT von Bad Freienwalde) Kriegsgräber 2. WeltkriegAltranft Friedhof4
Altranft (OT von Bad Freienwalde) Kriegsgräberstätte 2. WeltkriegAltranft Friedhof26
Altruppin Tafel 1813-1815 --- 7
Alttrebbin Friedhof WK 1 und WK 2 --- 1
Annahütte (WK 1) --- 93
Arendsee (WK 1, WK 2) --- 10
Atterwasch (WK 2)Atterwasch Friedhof195