Becoming a member

To become member of the Brandenburgische Genealogische Gesellschaft “Roter Adler” e.V. just download the application form or fill it out right
on the computer. Sign and send the complete application to:

Brandenburgische Genealogische Gesellschaft “Roter Adler” e.V.

c/o Gerd-Christian Treutler

Ruppiner Str. 61

D – 14612 Falkensee

Alternatively send the application as a fax to 03322 / 234387 or as an email
attachement to: membership(at)


A member has the following advantages:

  • Free acquisition of the BGN and the BGJ
  • Acquisition of the other publications at member prices (usually 50 % off of regular price, for max. 3 copies)
  • Full access to all databases (e.g. family tree database, pastor database)
  • Membership in the internal email list
  • Membership fees (and donations) are tax-deductable

Membership fees are a necessary evil:

  • Currently we are offering a trial membership for 20 € for the first year, which changes to the regular membership fee in the second year.
  • The one-time admission fee is currently 10 €.
  • The regular membership fee is 40 €.
  • It is possible to apply for a 50% discount, for e.g. students, unemployed, etc. as well as additional members of the same family if the publications are only received once.

further information: