Our projects and databases

All of these individual projects are found under the title “Auf den Spuren der Mark Brandenburg” (“On the Trail of the Mark Brandenburg”) for the internet platform “Bürger schaffen Wissen” (“Citizens make Science”). We hope to find new helpers and supporters in this way. Our goals and work towards those goals are also “citizen science” in the truest sense exactly because they affect citizens as a whole as well as individual citizens through time. See this link for direct information: Auf den Spuren der Mark Brandenburg


Over the past years we have called many projects into life as well as begun establishing numerous databases—everything from a location index to the parish database to church, address and citizen/registry office registers. We’ve been able to log more than 6.6 million records so far! We would like to heartily thank all our diligent typists and photographers!

Access rights to the databases are divided into three levels:

1. Records fully available to members and non-members
2. Records fully available to members and only as indices for non-members
3. Records only for members

Access rights can vary within a database since every contributor can individually decide which level the record falls into.

Supporters wanted! 6.6 million records sounds like a lot. And yet there are still so many more books, places, churches, mills, forts and castles to discover and add to the database! Clearly we still need more industrious supporters!

How can I help?

No one is obligated to register a lot or constantly. Everyone can volunteer—whether a member or not, when and how they wish when they have time. Aside from registering records, it is useful to have photos of cemeteries, graves, churches, mills, forts and castles for the expansion of the data records. To make the work easier, we have developed many templates for most of the projects in which you can register the records. For many of the projects it is additionally possible for supporters to receive access to the data as an editor and can independently complete or correct data, as well as add new data.

Since we are constantly finding new data sources, we ask each supporter or interested supporter to contact us first about a data source not yet found in our database. That way we can avoid a double registry of the same data source and avoid unneccessary work.

In addition we have a short document Participation Rules, which we ask each participant to read prior to registering anything or sending in photos.

To whom can I direct questions and send in my data records or photos?

All questions, offers of support, data records, photos and anything else should be directed to the new, unified e-mail address for all projects: datenerfassung@bggroteradler.de We guarantee a quick response, under usual conditions.

What projects are there in the BGG Roter Adler?

We have compiled the following overview of all of our projects so that you can, at a glance, see which projects are running and what the current status is. New imports will be advertised through the News.
Regarding access rights, the following terms are used:
Open project
Anyone can participate, all data is freely accessible

Partly open project
Everybody can participate and decide if his/her data will be freely accessible for non-members or restricted to an index

Members only
The data is usually provided and elaborated by members, only accessible to members.

Address booksData entry of address books of the historic Brandenburg from Altmark to Neumark378.000 entries
partly open project
Database of professionsData entry of people working in different professions such as miller, painter, glazier, shepherd or gardener65.000 entries
open project
Citizen rollsData entry of citizen registers of different cities of the historic Brandenburg from Altmark to Neumark17.000 entries
partly open project
Castles, palaces and manor housesRegistration of all forts and castles of Brandenburg46 entries
partly open project
Cemeteries incl.
gravestones, war gravesites and memorials of war dead
Registration of all cemeteries including tombstones, war gravesites and memorials of war dead. Cemeteries: 2.030 entries
Gravestones: 240.000 entries
Memorials: 1.000 entries
War gravesites: 60.000 entries
partly open project
ChurchesRegistration of all churches in Brandenburg1.800 entries
partly open project
Church records and duplicates of church recordsRegistration of church records (books) and duplicates of the church records of the historical Brandenburg from Altmark to Neumark.72.000 entries
partly open project
MillsRegistration of all mills in Brandenburg190 entries
partly open project
One-place studiesRegistration of one-place studies of the historical Brandenburg from Altmark to Neumark78.000 entries
partly open project
Brandenburg gazetterRegistration of all settlements of all kind18.000 entries
partly open project
Pastor databaseRegistration of all pastors in the historical Brandenburg including their families56.000 entries
open project
Pedigree databaseDatabase of pedigrees (including several one-place studies) provided by our members160.000 entries
Members only
Descendant tables NowawesRegistration of the descendant tables of Nowawes20.000 entries
open project
Registry offices und Name registersRegistration of all registry offices in the historical Brandenburg as well as name nidex of their births, marriages and deaths5.620.000 entries
opem project
Wills in archivesRegistration of wills (testaments) from the Brandenburgi Landeshauptarchiv21.000 entries
open project