Directory of cemeteries and gravestones

In the past, one could say: "Go through the cemetery of a place and you know its inhabitants". Unfortunately, this is no longer the case today. Since everything has to "pay off" and only money counts, everything that is 3 days over the resting period is usually rigorously removed. And if there are still old graves, they are often in such a desolate condition that it is only a matter of time before they collapse. In discussions one always hears only "no money". But the fact that these graves are also part of our culture is apparently not perceived in our capitalist world.

Since gravestones are also excellent genealogical sources, we have decided to bundle the collection of inscriptions from gravestones and to process them in a database. All of our entries so far do not claim to be complete. In the beginning, partly already years ago, the cemeteries were often only searched for known names and not or less systematically. This has changed in the meantime. But depending on the size of the cemetery, it is often simply not possible to photograph every stone, apart from possible legal questions concerning current graves.

Who can join in?

The Brandenburg Cemetery Directory is an open project of the Brandenburg Genealogical Society "Roter Adler" e.V. Not only members of our society but also all other interested people can participate. In this directory you will not only find information about the respective cemetery itself but also information about the gravestones there.

Who can view the data collected?

Each submitter of data can decide for themselves whether the transcripts are to be displayed in full or only as a name index.

How can I participate?

Of course, not all cemeteries in historic Brandenburg and information on the gravestones belonging to them have been recorded yet, and many cemeteries have only been recorded with their "raw data". However, we are working on a further recording and would be pleased to hear from anyone who can support us in this.

You want to participate? Then proceed as follows:

  1. Check our cemetery directory to see which cemeteries have already been registered or for which cemeteries gravestones have already been registered in order to avoid possible duplication of work.

  2. Take photos of the cemetery of your choice and the gravestones that can (still) be found there. You are welcome to use our tips and tricks on how to proceed in the most sensible way.

  3. Download the sample table for recording gravestones and record the gravestones you have photographed there.

  4. You can send us photos of the cemeteries or gravestones as well as the collected data by e-mail (a larger number of photos can also be sent via a link to a cloud or another uploader). We will then reply as soon as possible, integrate the submitted data into our database and take care of the backup of your photos as proof of the collected data. For this purpose, we only claim a simple right of use over the pictures, while the copyright naturally remains with the respective photographer.

Helpful links for photographers and authors:

At present, this directory contains information on 2041 cemeteries.


    Entry 1 to 48 of 48 entries    
 Name and placeCounty or city districtNr. of gravestones
Ackerfelde Friedhof, OPR33
Adlershof Friedhof12489 Berlin, B63
Ahrensdorf Alter Friedhof, TF125
Ahrensdorf Friedhof15864 Ahrensdorf, LOS63
Ahrensdorf Friedhof, TF90
Ahrensfelde Ostkirchhof16356 Ahrensfelde, BAR95
Ahrensfelde Kirchhof16356 Ahrensfelde, BAR106
Allmosen Friedhof, OSL79
Alt Bleyen Friedhof, MOL41
Alt Bork Friedhof, PM56
Alt Golm Friedhof, LOS45
Alt Herzberg, Kirchhof04916 Herzberg/Elster, EE40
Alt Krüssow - Dorffriedhof, PR64
Alt Langerwisch Alter Friedhof, PM16
Alt Langerwisch Neuer Friedhof, PM49
Alt Madlitz, LOS88
Alt Markgrafpieske Friedhof, LOS48
Alt Placht Kirchhof, UM8
Alt Rüdersdorf, MOL17
Alt Ruppin Friedhof, OPR302
Alt Ruppin Kirchhof, OPR
Alt Stahnsdorf Friedhof, LOS92
Alt Töplitz Friedhof, PM80
Alt Töplitz Kirchhof, PM4
Alt Tucheband Friedhof, MOL
Alt Zauche Friedhof, LDS
Alt Zeschdorf, MOL91
Altenhof Friedhof, BAR156
alter Friedhof der ehemaligen jüdischen Gemeinde Rathenow, HVL
Alter Friedhof Groß Mehßow,
Altes Lager Friedhof, TF168
Altfriesack Friedhof, OPR89
Altgarz Friedhof, HVL32
Altglienicke Friedhof12524 Berlin, B
Altglienicke Kirchhof12524 Berlin, B319
Altglienicke, Alter Dorffriedhof12524 Berlin, B5
Altgoßen Kirchhof, LDS64
Althüttendorf Friedhof, BAR191
Altkünkendorf Friedhof, UM220
Altlandsberg Friedhof, MOL107
Altona Friedhof, LOS133
Altsorgefeld Friedhof, TF35
Angermünde Friedhof, UM587
Annenwalde Friedhof, UM133
Anstaltsfriedhof Heilanstalt für Epileptische, P
Arendsee Kirchhof, UM60
Arensdorf Friedhof, LOS74
Arensdorf Kirchhof, LOS