The BGG publishing house

Our association is also a publishing house, in which the quarterly “Brandenburgische Genealogische Nachrichten” (BGN), the annual “Brandenburgisches Genealogisches Jahrbuch” (BGJ) and, on an unscheduled basis, books of the series “Genealogische Quellen Brandenburg”, “Lose Reihe” and “Belletristik-Reihe” are published.

Brandenburgische Genealogische Nachrichten (BGN)
This is the quarterly member journal of the BGG. You will find information about what is happening in the association as well as current event notes for the coming quarter. Additionally, you can read shorter genealogical contributions or articles with regional-historical background.
Acquistion of the BGN is included in the membership fee. Non-members can subscribe to the BGN for 12 € (from 2013 on) per year or purchase single issues for 3 € plus shipping. All issues younger than 5 years can be ordered from 3 € and upwards. Older issues can be downloaded for free. Special or remnant issues can be had on request.

Brandenburgische Genealogisches Jahrbuch (BGJ)
This is BGG’s yearly research publication containing typical genealogical and regional-historical contributions related to the research area.
Further, you will often find book reviews and important event notes for the upcoming year. It is included in the membership fee. External sales are for the normal price plus shipping costs. The BGN can be ordered in each bookshop via the Verzeichnis lieferbarer Bücher (VLB). Issues older than 5 years are not sold anymore but are downloadable for free.

Genealogisch-Historische Studien Brandenburgs (GHSB),former Die Lose Reihe (LR) and
Genealogische Quellen Brandenburgs (GQB)

These series are released on an unscheduled basis. They contain descriptive monographs or convolutes of thematically related articles (GHSB) or collections of data (GQB) referring to genealogical or regional-historical topics. Members are entitled to reduced prices.

Fabulas familiaris – Die Belletristikreihe (Bel)
Anecdotes or anthologies containing family history or regional history. Members are entitled to reduced prices.

Recent publications
BGJ 2018 BGN 2/2019 BGN 1/2019 BGN 4/2018
Brandenburgisches Genealogisches
Jahrbuch 2018
Brandenburgische Genealogische Nachrichten 2/2019 Brandenburgische Genealogische Nachrichten 1/2019 Brandenburgische Genealogische Nachrichten 4/2018
ISBN 978-3-945402-13-9 ISSN 1864-3558 ISSN 1864-3558 ISSN 1864-3558
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BGJ 2017 BGN 3/2018 BGN 2/2018 BGN 1/2018
Brandenburgisches Genealogisches
Jahrbuch 2017
Brandenburgische Genealogische Nachrichten 3/2018 Brandenburgische Genealogische Nachrichten 2/2018 Brandenburgische Genealogische Nachrichten 1/2018
ISBN 978-3-945402-10-8 ISSN 1864-3558 ISSN 1864-3558 ISSN 1864-3558
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GQB 7 - Die Maler, Lackierer und Vergolder in und um Potsdam GQB 6 - Kurmärkische Mühlensachen-Generalia LR 7 - Wappen auf Abwasserkanaldeckeln BR 4 - Zeitenwanderung
GQB 7 – Die Maler,
Lackierer und Ver-
golder in und um
Potsdam, nebst
einigen Kunstma-
lern 1670 – 1990
GQB 6 – Kurmär-
kische Mühlen-
LR 7 – Wappen auf
BR 4 – Zeiten-
ISBN 978-3-945402-08-5 ISBN 978-3-945402-07-8 ISBN 978-3-945402-09 -25 ISBN 978-3-945402-12-2
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