Vereinsarchiv Digital

At this pages you will find a list of persons for whom data is available in our digital archive (e.g. from previous / subsequent archives).

Please send us your enquiries by filling in the enquiry form, stating the data you already have. Please use only the link behind the name. Please understand that incomplete enquiries cannot be answered. Furthermore, please give us some time to answer your request.

last name first name year of birth year of death
Ackermann Johanne Renate 1848 1919
Aderhold Albert Bruno 1902
Aderhold Bruno Karl Günther
Aderhold Else Hildegard 1927 1928
Albrecht Karolina
Altekrüger Johanne Friederike 1836 1897
Althaus Johanna Hedwig 1901 1982
Andraßen Anna Elisabeth 1775 1855
Andraßen Christian 1733
Andraßen Gottfried
Andraßen Johanna
Andraßen Maria Elisabeth
Andraßen Maria
Andreas Anna Elisabeth
Andreas Anna Elisabeth
Andreas Anna Maria
Andreas Anna Martha Frieda
Andreas Anna Martha
Andreas Christiana
Andreas Friedrich Gottlob
Andreas Friedrich Gustav
Andreas Gottlieb
Andreas Gustav Richard Fritz
Andreas Hanna Christiana
Andreas Hanna Christiane
Andreas Hanna 1798
Andreas Johann Ernst
Andreas Johann Gottfried
Andreas Johann Martin
Andreas Johanna Christiana
Andreas Johanne Caroline
Andreas Johanne Christine
Andreas Johanne Friederike
Andreas Maria Christina
Andreas Maria Elisabeth
Andreas Marie Elisabeth
Andreas Martin
Andreas Martin
Andreas Martin
Andrewas Gustav Richard Fritz
Angersbach Anna Margaretha
Anhalt Anna Maria
Anhalt Maria Catharina
Annenschuber Max
Arndt Albert Richard
Arndt Albert
Arndt Alwine Anna Emma
Arndt Andreas
Arndt Andreas
Arndt Anna Elisabeth
Arndt Anna Maria
Arndt Anna Maria
Arndt Anna Maria
Arndt Anna
Arndt Auguste Helene
Arndt Caroline
Arndt Ernestine Wilhelmine
Arndt Ernst Friedrich
Arndt Friedrich Hermann
Arndt George
Arndt Hermine Anna
Arndt Johann August
Arndt Johann Carl Franz
Arndt Johann Carl Franz
Arndt Johann Ernst
Arndt Johann Friedrich
Arndt Johanne Caroline
Arndt Johanne Caroline
Arndt Johanne Christine
Arndt Johanne Christine
Arndt Johanne Friederike
Arndt Johanne Wilhelmine
Arndt Maria Elisabeth
Arndt Martin
Arndt Martin
Arndt Wilhelm Reinhold
Arndt Wilhelmine Ernstine
Arndt Wilhelmine
Aulich Anna Martha
Aulich August Johann Wilhelm
Aulich August Karl
Aulich Auguste Helene
Aulich Emma Pauline
Aulich Friederike Marie
Aulich Friedrich Carl
Aulich Friedrich Wilhelm
Aulich Friedrich Wilhelm
Aulich Friedrich Wilhelm
Aulich Gustav Albert
Aulich Johann Friedrich
Aulich Johann Gottfried
Aulich Johann Gottfried
Aulich Maria Anna
Aulich Maria Luise
Aulich Marie Auguste
Aulich Marie Pauline
Aulich Marie Pauline
Aulich Martha Marie
Aulich Minna Auguste
Aulich Otto Hermann
Aulich Wilhelm Friedrich August
Aulich Wilhelmine Friederike